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Product Category Overview

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HF TireTech Group
Seevestr. 1
21079 Hamburg, Germany
Postfach 900552
21045 Hamburg, Germany

Telefono: +49 40 77179-0
Fax: +49 40 77179-325


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Interactive Plan

Product Categories
Extrusion lines for flexible hoses  
Extrusion lines for rubber 1 Product
Machines for the tyre industry 2 Products
Cutting machines  
Winding equipment  
Hot and cold feed extruder

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Our pin type extruder for cold feeds is available in various designs using the current diameters of screw conveyors. The table shows the standard version parameters. Our extruders are designed to cover the different profiles, component specifications and compound properties. In the dimensions listed, the hot feed extruders provide particularly high output rate for highly viscous compounds.

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Column type press

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  • No welds located in high stress areas. All assemblies are stress relieved by annealing process.
  • Development of a novel, patented, height adjusting device for moulds and connection of the head and base through guided columns
  • Space-saving angular set-up
  • Presses set-up is possible with and without pit
  • Good accessibility for service and maintenance
  • Common and individual operational modes
  • Single or group hydraulics
  • All popular controls (PLC) usable
  • Observance of all current safety requirements
  • Design adaptable to accept many variations of center mechanisms.
  • Green tyre stand (single and multiple as well as hanging (shoulder-type) and standing (pan-type) versions)
  • Individual heating system (both HF standard and according to customer requirement)
  • Energy saving concepts
  • Patented container quick-lock system
  • Main computer for processing data acquisition, recipe management and evaluation
  • Post-treatment of tyres "Post Cure Inflator"* (stack and rotary PCI in various designs according to customer requirements)

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PLT2 - FG / 14in – 24in

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Upgradable quality TBM for optimal tire uniformity quality and higher output performance

  • Max. Green tire diameter (working range) > 850mm (optional 1000 mm)
  • Carcass Drum > 2 bladder type/KS2 incl. pushing device
  • Carcass Drum> bladderless type/SMT (SemetricalMechanicalTurnup)
  • Body Ply (BP) width > 280 - 870 mm
  • Pre Assembly (PA) width > 380 - 1000 mm
  • Belt width > 90 - 300 mm
  • JLB width (tension control) > 10 - 25 mm
  • Tread width > 120 - 320 mm
  • Tread length / for precut (optional for Reel Tread) > 2800 mm
  • Ply Server Variante > SW/IL, separate launch
  • Ply Server Variante > SW/IL, double/PA launch
  • Production output, up to > 1300 tire per day *

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